The Impact of Firearms eCommerce to the Distribution Channel

CSF Encourages BLM to Keep Improving Recreational Shooting Opportunities

September Legislative Update from the NSSF

President's Message: Listen More, Speak Less

Chairwoman’s Message: Onward and Upward

First-Time Gun Buyers Grow to Nearly 5 Million

Historic Opening of 2.3 Million acres to Hunting and Fishing

August Legislative Update from the NSSF

President's Message: Make Hay When the Sun Shines

Chairwoman’s Message: Say It Ain't So

The 2020 NASGW Expo Has Been Canceled

July Legislative Update from the NSSF

Foreign Markets More Accessible to Distributors and Wholesalers

NSSF to Sponsor NASGW Expo Appreciation Dinner

Voter Registration, Absentee Ballots and Early Voting

President's Message: Simple Things

Trump Administration Legalizes Commercial Exportation of Suppressors

Chairwoman’s Message: Mid Year Check-In

Issue Updates from NAW: June 22, 2020

June Legislative Update from the NSSF

Senate Passes Historic Great American Outdoors Act

President's Message: The Show Must Go On

Chairwoman’s Message: A Light at the End of the Tunnel

May Legislative Update from NSSF

President's Message: Moms, Dads and Life Lessons

CSF & Industry Partners Lead #ResponsibleRecreation Media Campaign

NASGW Offers Retailers Access to SCOPE CLX

California: Ammunition Background Check Invalidated in Court

Chairwoman’s Message: Eyeing the Recovery

Managing Compliance with Firearms Regulations During a Pandemic

NASGW Expo - See You Soon

President's Message: Standing Together, Standing Strong

Critical Updates from the National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors

IWA Officially Cancels 2020 Event

New & Familiar Faces on the NASGW Board of Directors

Deemed Essential - Your Trade Association is Fighting For You!

Forces to Provide Market Insights to Firearm Dealers Through SCOPE CLX

The Soaring Ammunition Market and a Record Week for Distributors

Chairwoman’s Message: Uncharted Waters

Distribution Shipments Spike in Response to COVID-19

March Legislative Update from NSSF

President's Message: One Day At A Time

Distributor Businesses Look Strong in 2020

Chairwoman’s Message: The Changing Face of Distribution

ATF Variances Not Only For Marking - Easing the Burden on Your Business

February Legislative Update from NSSF

NSSF Launches Gun Owners Care

NSSF and NASGW Giving Away $10,000 to Shooting Sports Retailers

NASGW President, Kenyon Gleason Joins NAW's Leadership Team

Members Gather for CSF Leadership Dinner to Strengthen 2020 Conservation Priorities

President's Message: An Optimistic Outlook

Chairwoman’s Message: A Glimpse Into the Future at NASGW

NASGW expands data program with SCOPE CLX

January Legislative Update from NSSF

President's Message: 2020 is Here, Are you Seeing Clearly?

Chairwoman’s Message: Happy New Year

Congress Repeals Obamacare's Cadillac Tax & Medical Device Tax

Congress Approves Funding Bill with Important Conservation Programs

December Legislative Update from NSSF

President's Message: The Best Presents Don’t Always Come in Boxes

Chairwoman’s Message: So Much to Be Thankful For

Importing Firearms and Ammunition – A Brief Overview of ATF Requirements

Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council Meets, Joined by Two Cabinet Secretaries

November Legislative Update from NSSF

President's Message: Did Somebody Turn up the Metronome?

Chairwoman's Message: Recapping the 2019 NASGW Expo

WOOX Gun Stocks, Steyr Scout, Gilboa Snake, Kelbly Koda, Versacarry Holsters

Winchester 350 Legend Wins Best New Ammo

Marlin Limited Edition Model 1895, Dark Model 1894 Lever-Actions

DoubleStar Stronghold Pistol Grips and more AR Upgrades

Sig Sauer P365 SAS Wins Best New Handgun

Franklin Armory Reformation RS7 - A Perfect Truck Gun

Iconic Gun from The A-Team - Coming Soon!

Big Game Hunting with CVA's Paramount

Air Venturi's Springfield Armory, Seneca Air Guns; Frangible BBs

NEW Smith & Wesson M&P M2.0 Subcompact

First Look at the Security-9 Pro, New Ruger American Rifle

New Crimson Trace Laser Saddle for the Remington 870

Improve Your Shot with the Mantis X10

Firearms Industry Wholesaler Show - Kenyon Gleason

Federal Force X2 for Home Defense Shotguns; New Turkey Loads & Handloaded Ammo

ATF Inspection Did Not Go Perfectly – Now What?!

NASGW Announces Award Winners at the 2019 NASGW Expo

October Legislative Update from NSSF

President's Message: Uncomfortable? Good, It Will Make You Better

NASGW Announces Finalists for the 2019 Caliber Awards

NASGW Announces Annual Appreciation Award Nominees

Chairwoman's Message: Ready or Not, Here We Come!

Overtime Rule Released

Best Practices in ATF Record Keeping

Expansion of 1.4 million acres to Hunting and Fishing

September Legislative Update from NSSF

President's Message: Real Communication Requires Effort, But Comes With Rewards

Top Three Criteria FFLs Should Use for Selecting ATF Compliant Bound Book Software

Chairwoman’s Message: Try Something New and Keep Moving Forward

NASGW Announces $25,000 Donation to the Youth Shooting Sports Alliance

August Legislative Update from NSSF

President's Message: Accountability Counts

Senate Committee Advances Recreational Public Access and Conservation Bill

NAW: August Government Relation Updates

Chairwoman’s Message: Preparation is Everything

July Relatively Quiet Month Across State Capitols

NASGW Announces $25,000 Donation to the National Shooting Sports Foundation

Significant Recruitment, Retention and Reactivation Bill Introduced in the Senate

President's Message: Road Trip Reflections

Outdoor Wire Op-Ed from Laurie Aronson

Chairwoman's Message: What’s Our Perception?

NAW Government Relations Update

State Firearms Bills on the Move in June

President's Message: Keep The World in Focus

Interior Department Announces Expansion of Public Hunting Lands

Chairwoman’s Message: Opportunities Abroad

May a Busy Month Across State Legislatures

Target Practice Access Bill Signed Into Law

Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Puts Partisanship Aside for Annual Clays Competition

President's Message: Sometimes You Just Have to Hang On For The Ride

Chairwoman’s Message: Size vs Strength

Firearms Industry State Legislation Update

Senate Passes Priority Legislation for Public Target Range Access

President's Message: The Power of You

The Best Business Partner You'll Ever Have

Credit NASGW Distributors for Offering Credit

Chairwoman’s Message: Where Is YOUR Happy Place?

Bills on the Move in State Capitols Impact Distribution Nationwide

Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council Plans Implementation of Secretarial Orders

Notes, Quotes, and Observations from IWA 2019

President's Message: The Power of People

Chairwoman's Message: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

The American Suppressor Association Industry Forum

Legislation Impacting the Firearms Industry on the Move Across the Country

Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Members Introduce Bill to Expand Public Target Ranges

President's Message: The Power of Partnership

Chairwoman's Message: Getting to Know Laurie Aronson

State Legislatures Return to Work – Hundreds of Bills Impacting Firearms Distribution Proposed

New Year, New Data

President's Message: History in the Making

Two-Step Distribution Works Well for the Shooting Sports Industry

NASGW Distributors Are Partners You Can Trust

4 Things Firearms Retailers Need to Know About NASGW

NASGW Makes History in the Shooting Sports Industry

How to Leverage Social Media in the Shootings Sports Industry

Chairman's Message: That's a Wrap!

President's Message: Milestones Matter

5 Ways NASGW Wholesalers Help Retailers

Retail Marketing Ideas For the Shooting Sports Industry

Two-Step Distribution and the Shooting Sports Supply Chain

Suppressors: Tapping the Untapped Potential

Senate Committee Examines Funding Needs for Wildlife Conservation and Management

Chairman's Message: Happy Holidays

Firearms Industry Distribution Affected by Multiple Pieces of Legislation in 2018 and 2019

President's Message:  Thank You for Supporting the 2018 NASGW Expo

The Scientific Case for Suppressors

Hunting and Shooting Sports Conservation Council Urges Interior Department to Advance Access, Habitat Goals

Chairman's Message: Expo Recap

NASGW Launches SCOPE™ Data Program in Pittsburgh

FN 509 Tactical - NASGW 2018 Best Handgun- Gun Talk LIVE

New Shotguns from Remington from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

Collapsible ARs, Tiny Gun Kits, Bulletproof Backpacks, and Scent Control - Gun Talk LIVE

Sig Sauer BDX is Best Optic, Sig P365 is Product of the Year - NASGW 2018 - Gun Talk LIVE

New Gun Group Promotes Suicide Prevention, Gun Safety Programs from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

Bergara HMR Pro - NASGW 2018 Best Rifle - Gun Talk LIVE

Mossberg 590M - NASGW 2018 Best Shotgun - Gun Talk LIVE

Dickinson Arms Side-by-Side, Cobalt Kinetics Edge XL, Barrett's Suppressor - Gun Talk LIVE

Mantis Interview from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

Head Down Slide Modifications, FK Brno Field Pistol in 7.5 FK - More Floor Finds - Gun Talk LIVE

Federal Premium's .224 Valkyrie - NASGW 2018 Best Ammunition from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

Exclusive Guns from Gallery of Guns from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

New Crimson Trace Lasers and Optics from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

New Pistols from Walther Arms from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

Appendix & Mag Holsters, Long Range Rifle Bipod - Floor Finds from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

New McMillan Fiberglass Stock Styles from the NASGW Expo - Gun Talk LIVE

Winners Announced for the NASGW Leadership Awards and the NASGW-POMA Caliber Awards

President's Message: Enjoy the Game

Mandatory Warnings in California Have Changed – Are You Compliant With Prop 65?

NASGW Manufacturers Spotlight: Wholesale Logistics

Chairmain's Message: Let's Get This Party Started

NASGW Announces Finalists for the 2018 Caliber Awards

Using Electronic Vendor Catalogs to Improve the Firearm Industry Supply Chain

Senate Committee Passes Target Practice and Marksmanship Training Support Act

NASGW Announces Annual Leadership Award Nominees

President's Message: On the Other Side of Fear

Guidance on FFL Disaster Preparedness

NASGW Announces $50,000 Donation to NRA-ILA

U.S. Department of the Interior Announces Expanded Hunting and Fishing in National Wildlife Refuges

The NASGW Expo Impact on the Shooting Sports Industry

How Content Will Help You Develop a Loyal Customer Base

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Wholesaler Partners

Distribution of Firearms Parts and Accessories Continues to Be Restricted by State Legislation & California Prop 65 Update

Chairman's Message: That Time of Year

CSF Hosts Regional Policy Forum, Suppressor and Air Rifle Demonstration

President's Message: Blessings in Abundance

NASGW Manufacturers Spotlight: Wholesale Relationships

NASGW Announces $25,000 Donation to CSF

3 Things Manufacturers Need to Do Prior to the NASGW Expo

Chairman's Message: When Opportunity Knocks...

Senate Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Leaders Introduce Recovering America’s Wildlife Act

NAW Joins Two Amicus Briefs on Labor Issues

President's Message: Communication Just Keeps on Changing

NASGW Announces $25,000 Donation to the American Suppressor Association

NASGW Manufacturers Spotlight: Wholesale Market Insight

NASGW Recent News

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