Chairman’s Message: Easter Spirit

Posted by Bill Sumner on 4/1/24 8:30 AM

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The Easter spirit can mean many things to many people. For some, it's a religious observance of a risen Savior, and for others a celebration of Spring and rebirth. Either way, there are lessons to be learned and practical applications that can be implemented within our own lives and businesses today.


New Light

Though Easter has just come and gone, the Easter spirit can still resonate in our day-to-day lives. Many of us still hold fast to our traditional ways so as not to lose focus on who we are and where we came from. However, too often, we struggle with looking at our business in a new light. Why, you might ask? Because self-reflection can be difficult, and self-reflection typically precedes change. We all understand that change is not always welcomed but almost always needed. This is especially true and practical in today’s business world, where technology is outpacing our ability to implement. We know our customers are communicating differently, shopping differently, and requiring more from us than ever before.



Embracing change or creating a culture of change can be a challenge within our companies. Change can be scary and is usually met with resistance. Most issues stem from a breakdown in communication and a lack of buy-in. How do we overcome this? By remembering that our employees are the cornerstone of our business and that we are all emotional beings who need motivation and encouragement. So, let’s start by clearly defining the opportunity, addressing the concerns, creating measurable goals, and celebrating the wins! Employees who see our eagerness to include them in these transitions will certainly have more confidence, improved morale, and a willingness to embrace change in the future.

April also brings celebration for NASGW. Registration for the NASGW 2024 Expo will open later this month on April 22nd. Our team is excited to host all our members in Kansas City in mid-October. More information, including website and hotel links, will be sent out later this month. Likewise, for all of us who have embraced using SCOPE data within our businesses, NASGW’s Q1 SCOPE report will be available around the middle of the month once all the final data can be compiled and analyzed.

So, in the spirit of Easter, let’s take a deeper dive into our organizations and look at our companies in a new light, encourage our employees, and celebrate our victories!

Until next time,


Bill Sumner

NASGW Chairman


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