SCAM ALERT: Expo Attendee Lists for Sale

Posted by NASGW on 1/14/21 9:27 AM

DSC08391-025431-editedThe NASGW Expo is a great place to network and connect with decision-makers from around the Shooting Sports Industry. Attendees are typically a who's who of c-suite execs and top-level sales staff there to make decisions about product distribution for the upcoming year. They are the contacts you'd like to make, and if you've attended the NASGW Expo in the last five years, you've probably received an email or been approached about purchasing a list of Expo attendees. These offers are brought to the attention of NASGW each year, but be advised; these offers have no affiliation with NASGW or the actual list of Expo Attendees.

Privacy is a Priority

At NASGW, member directories and lists are maintained and protected for the internal use of managing regular operations and the NASGW Expo. List are not and have never been distributed, sold, or shared with any third-party company. In the past, NASGW has partnered with various organizations and businesses to benefit members, provide opportunities or discounts for services. In those cases, NASGW has handled all internal communications to its members rather than provide lists to the partner organization or business. NASGW communicates to its members directly.


Have You Been Contacted?

If you are contacted or approached about purchasing lists for any NASGW event or a membership database, please alert the NASGW staff. They will contact the individual who sent the email to protect NASGW members. Do not click on any links and do not spend money on this scam. As a member, you can log in to the NASGW member portal and access the member directory at any time.

We appreciate your continued support of NASGW and your diligent vigilance to protect the integrity of NASGW and its members. If you have any further questions or would like to chat with a NASGW staff member regarding these false lists, please reach out via email to or contact the office at (515) 334-1484.

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