President's Message: We've Arrived at the Finish Line

Posted by Kenyon Gleason on 10/18/21 2:13 PM

Kenyon Gleason, NASGW President

I was once an avid runner. Not so much anymore. After multiple knee surgeries on both knees and arthritis to go with it, I had to hang up the running shoes many years ago.

But the other day, when asked what it feels like to know that we’re going to host the 2021 NASGW Expo, I surprised myself a bit by saying it reminded me of running a grueling race. Now that I’ve thought about it a bit more, I want to amend that reply. Because I don’t think it’s been like just a plain 3, 5, or 10K race. Rather, I think it’s more like one of those crazy 100-mile “ultra race” events where people run for 24-36 hours straight on some of the harshest terrain you can imagine.

Now, I’ve never run one of these races (though a member of our SCOPE data team has done it), so I can’t say I know exactly how it might feel, but I’ve read and heard enough about them to believe that all the energy, effort, ups/downs, and craziness of a race like that are similar to what it’s been like getting to the point where the NASGW Expo would actually happen.

Folks, NASGW has a remarkable staff of super-talented people who helped make it all possible. We’ve passed through the gauntlet, and the 2021 Expo is our finish line. I’m certain I’ll feel an incredible sense of relief when we get to the end of October, and the show is over, but candidly, I’m feeling a pretty big sense of relief already because, at this point, I know the show is going to happen.

It’s been a grind. There have been days over the past few months where I thought it was all simply going to fall apart like it did last year. But from all I can tell, our members are as anxious and excited to get back together as the staff and board of directors at NASGW is to host you all.

We’re sad that some companies will not be able to join us due to lingering covid concerns. Other companies have told us they’ll have smaller teams on-site. While we’ll miss those companies and individuals, we know that those who are making their way to Columbus are ready to get to work and get back to the business of buying and selling shooting sports equipment and accessories. 

This last week is going to fly by, I’m sure of it. And that’s ok because I absolutely can’t wait. I’m excited to see you all again, live and in person. It’s going to be a great reunion.

If you haven’t done so yet, make sure you get tickets for our annual kickoff Appreciation Dinner on Tuesday night. Help us celebrate the companies and products that made a mark in the last year. And be sure to check the website for all the last-minute details you’ll need for planning to have a safe and productive time while you’re in Ohio.

Get ready, the finish line is in sight. I’m looking forward to celebrating the victory with you all in just a few short days. We did it! I’ll see you in Columbus!


Until next time,

Kenyon Gleason
NASGW President

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