Orchid's eState™ Software Equips FFLs with Advanced State Firearm Law Compliance Capabilities

Posted by Orchid Advisors on 3/27/24 12:39 PM


ORCHID-RED-WEB-1Hartford, CT – Orchid, a trusted provider of firearms compliance solutions, is proud to introduce the next evolution of Orchid eState™. This innovative software establishes itself as a leading FFL solution for State and Municipal Firearm Laws, providing Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs) with an advanced toolset for seamless compliance. Orchid eState™ offers comprehensive features and a user-friendly design, enhancing the way FFLs manage the complexities of state-level firearm restrictions.


Orchid eState™ offers two options designed to enhance compliance with State-level firearm laws:


  1. State and Municipal Firearm Legal Restrictions Application: This software empowers FFLs to identify State-level and Municipal-level firearm restrictions based on over 30,000 UPCs, ZIP codes and firearm attributes. By leveraging Orchid eState™, FFLs can effortlessly navigate the complex landscape of State and Municipal laws, ensuring full compliance with each transaction.
  2. API-Driven State Firearm Restrictions: Designed for FFLs seeking direct integration, this software enables seamless connectivity between Orchid eState™ and POS, eCommerce and ERP applications. FFLs can integrate firearm attribute and UPC-driven restrictions, streamlining compliance management and optimizing operational efficiency.


Key features of Orchid eState™ include:


  1. Real-Time Response: Orchid eState™ provides instant feedback on whether a firearm is prohibited for consumer purchase or possession in a particular jurisdiction. FFLs can search by UPC and Zip Code, or by attributes such as type, action, caliber/gauge, cartridges, barrel length, overall length, magazine type, magazine capacity, platform, stock, grip, muzzle accessories, and more.
  2. Ecommerce Website Integration: FFLs can seamlessly integrate Orchid eState™ with their e-commerce websites, ensuring compliance with State and Municipal regulations when selling firearms online. The software enables real-time checks based on ZIP codes, characteristics, and UPCs, providing customers with a seamless shopping experience while maintaining compliance.
  3. Bill Tracker and Law Library: Originally designed along-side NASGW, the newest version now includes a bill tracking subscription service and embedded access to ATF’s comprehensive law library which categorizing over 1,100 State-level laws Orchid eState™ simplifies the task of staying up to date with the latest laws that will impact the firearms industry; from new sales taxes on firearms and firearm products to new product bans to new security requirements imposed on FFLs and much, much more. FFLs can easily filter through existing bills and monitor bills in progress, ensuring they are well-informed about legislative changes at the State, Federal and Municipal levels.
  4. Submit UPC for Classification: FFLs can utilize Orchid eState™ to classify Universal Product Codes (UPCs) efficiently. The software provides a user-friendly template for bulk uploads and sends notifications as soon as the UPCs are classified. An API integration is also available.


"Orchid is thrilled to introduce the next iteration of Orchid eState™ software, designed to empower FFLs with unparalleled compliance capabilities," said Attorney Philip Milks, VP of Regulatory Services. "Our goal is to simplify the complex landscape of State and Municipal firearm laws, and this upgrade takes us one step closer to achieving that vision. Orchid eState™ ensures FFLs can easily access critical information, integrate compliance checks into their e-commerce websites, stay informed about legislative changes, and classify UPCs with efficiency. FFLs using this software can not only prepare for upcoming restrictions to avoid State-initiated lawsuits but can utilize the knowledge to increase sales nationwide. We are proud to continue our partnership with NASGW and to offer this comprehensive solution to FFLs, providing peace of mind and seamless compliance."


To learn how Orchid eState™ can revolutionize compliance efforts for your FFL or to schedule a demo, please visit the Orchid website at www.orchid.com/estate. Subscriptions start at $25 mo with selected features that are available at no cost to NASGW’s wholesale members.


About Orchid: About Orchid

Orchid is a trusted industry leader in providing firearms compliance solutions. Through innovative technology and expert insights, Orchid empowers Federal Firearms Licensees (FFLs) to streamline their operations and maintain strict compliance with ATF regulations. Orchid is dedicated to enhancing the safety, accountability, and integrity of the firearms industry.

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