Two-Step Distribution and the Shooting Sports Supply Chain

Posted by NASGW on 12/1/18 10:53 AM

Getting products in the hands of consumers is the goal of all manufacturers in our industry, but managing inventory, warehousing, and distribution can make that challenging for companies that are focused on developing and manufacturing great products. That is where shooting sports wholesalers come in. The model of two-step distribution has been the industry standard for decades and provides benefits to both manufacturers and retailers. As technology has improved over the years, other industries have moved away from two-step distribution, but this process has remained the method of choice within the shooting sports industry. We thought we'd break down the two-step distribution supply chain to help you understand the benefits at each level.

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NASGW Manufacturers Spotlight: Wholesale Partnerships

Posted by NASGW on 6/11/18 8:12 AM

Partnerships can take on a variety of forms. One of the biggest benefits of membership with NASGW is the partnerships we help foster between wholesalers and manufacturers. Wholesale partnerships are critical to the success of the two-step distribution model and our industry as a whole. They help our manufacturers expand their reach and grow their business while managing inventory levels and challenges that come with logistics. Watch our video to hear some of our manufacturers express how important wholesale partnerships are to them and their businesses. 

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Explore the Benefits of Two-Step Distribution

Posted by NASGW on 10/31/17 12:29 PM

NASGW and our wholesaler members believe in two-step distribution, because it works. The list of benefits is long and growing. See what a membership with NASGW and a partnership with our wholesaler members can provide a manufacturing business. 

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