President's Message: The Power of You

Posted by Kenyon Gleason on 4/15/19 12:42 PM

KenyonGleason-5Over the past couple months, I’ve been writing in this column about the power and importance of strengthening human relationships, with articles about the Power of Partnerships and the Power of People, or the power of your team.

Today, I want to turn the tables just a bit, and talk about the Power of You. I want to talk about the importance of your personal voice at this critical time in our industry and in our nation.

If you’ve been keeping up with industry news, then you’re acutely aware of the many-pronged approach to tear down the 2nd Amendment taking place right now in courtrooms, capitals and city council chambers across America.

New York City.

And the list goes on.

In cities and states across the U.S., public officials and anti-gun groups are flagrantly undermining the rule of law, callously and intentionally wasting tax dollars by creating new laws and restrictions on guns which are contrary to the 2nd Amendment, existing state and federal laws, and recent decisions handed down by the Supreme Court.

Officials in Pittsburgh actually appear quite proud of their arrogant approach. They brazenly acknowledge their new city ordinance to ban modern sporting rifles and standard capacity magazines will probably go down in a ball of flames when challenged in court. But they don’t care, they’re going to throw away vital tax dollars to fight the losing battle. All for what? To prove a point? To stomp their feet and say “If the state won’t do anything, we will?”

What these public officials don’t seem to understand, or more likely they’re choosing to ignore, is that bans on guns and magazines don’t make people safer. It may make the politicians “feel” better about themselves and of course they get to pat themselves on the back and conclude they’ve done something to make a difference.

Politicians also understand a full-on frontal assault on the 2nd Amendment will prove difficult, though that hasn’t stopped some on the national stage from calling for and running on a platform of an all-out ban on major categories of firearms. These anti-gun leaders will continue to chip away at the edges. They focus on small segments of our marketplace so it appears they’re being reasonable in what they ask for. When we protest or challenge their anti-gun directives, they slander and smear us as out-of-touch and irrational.

Meanwhile, criminals sit back and laugh. They know the real story; gun bans make regular law-abiding citizens weaker and allow criminals to have better odds their crimes won’t have consequences.

And that means that each of us – you, me, your friends, neighbors, family members, anyone you know who believes in freedom and the 2nd Amendment – is required to take a stand too.

You have a voice. You have the power to protest. You have the ability to lobby. You have a responsibility to make a difference. Together our voices grow loud and we are no longer drowned out by a very vocal opposition. Unfortunately, today’s politics and political climate require and demand that we speak up.

If the multitude of challenges doesn’t have you taking notice, then I encourage you to please take a closer look at what’s happening. It’s definitely time to use the Power of You.

On a related note, the annual NRA Convention is right around the corner, getting underway on April 25. I hope you’ve made plans to take part in the event in Indianapolis this year. It’s a great time to get up-to-date on what’s happening across the country and gain some new ideas on how you can put your voice to good use. I look forward to seeing you there.


Until next time,


Kenyon Gleason
NASGW President

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