President's Message: Kansas City Here We Come

Posted by Kenyon Gleason on 10/17/22 1:42 PM

Kenyon Gleason, NASGW President

Social media… some people love it and others absolutely hate it. I see it more as a necessary evil. I know it can be great for companies getting their message out. It’s phenomenal to stay in touch with family and friends. But unfortunately, in many respects, it’s also become a hive of nastiness just waiting for an opportunity to sting you.I also give social media partial blame, along with email and texts, for people refusing to pick up the phone and make a doggone call. I guess I’m old-school, but seriously, a phone call can often solve things a lot faster and makes it less likely there will be confusion or misunderstanding.

As a rule, my hierarchy for favorite business communication types goes something like this:

  1. In-person (by far the best because you can also pick up on non-verbal clues)
  2. Phone calls
  3. Texts
  4. E-mails
  5. Letters
  6. Just about anything else (carrier pigeon, pony express, etc.)
  7. Social Media

I’m only half kidding.

Truthfully though, on the personal side, I text my kids often and regularly use Snap Chat to send notes back and forth. But in order of preference, the above is close. If it’s serious, or meaningful, there’s nothing like in-person or talking over the phone. I tell friends and family alike, if you need me, call me.

Of course I venture onto social media sites from time to time, like many of you. In fact, I follow many of you on Facebook and Instagram and we stay in touch throughout the year. I love that. And of course every so often, after wasting time scrolling the sites, you do stumble on a gem. Like the other day, I found this meme posted on Facebook...


I was in my shed over the weekend and found myself, yet again, in this exact situation. I use screwdrivers, prybars, hammers, and pretty much any other tool I can find to get the 5-gallon bucket stack separated. By the time I succeed (if I succeed), I often don’t remember why I wanted the bucket in the first place. Or I get so fed up I go to the hardware store for another one, which inevitably gets added to the stack. You’d think I’d learn and not stack them anymore. My wife just shakes her head.

On this occasion at least, I was successful in retracting a bucket from the stack. It became a wash bucket as I’m in the middle of sorting and cleaning up my work area. I’ve got a lot more cleaning to do but at least the gun bench will be available soon, which is good because hunting season is here.

And that brings me to another wonderful thing that’s coming soon – the yearly gathering of friends known as the NASGW Expo and Annual Meeting. In just a little over a week, October 25-29, we get to come together in Kansas City.

I’m not sure about you, but that makes me happy. We get to do some real, live, in-person communicating. You simply can’t put a price tag on it. I’m overjoyed that COVID is behind us and we can return to completely normal operations for the show this year. I hope you are as equally excited about the Expo and what it can mean for your business. Our team has put together another top-notch show and we’re thrilled to be hosting you again in Kansas City.

It never fails, in the weeks leading up to the show, I inevitably field a multitude of calls from folks expressing their gratitude that we continue to offer the NASGW Expo an Annual Meetings as an option. As you all know, our show is unique and it’s where the business of the shooting industry business, gets done.

If you need some tips on who to see when you’re in Kansas City, or where someone is located on the show floor, or you’re just looking for recommendations on local restaurants, look me up, and I’ll be glad to help.

If you’re looking for tips on how to unstick your 5-gallon bucket pile… I’m probably not your guy. Though if you have any good tips, I’m all ears.

We’ve got so much to tell you in Kansas City. We’ve got big developments in SCOPE, on the insurance front, and so many more things. NASGW continues to evolve and change. As we close in our 70th year as an organization, we are growing bigger and better than ever. It’s an exciting time at the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers and we can’t wait to share all the details with you, our members, our friends.

Let’s catch up over breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a drink at the bar. I’m excited to see you all once again. Enjoy the show and enjoy the great Kansas City.

See you soon,

Kenyon Gleason
NASGW President

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