Legislation Impacting the Firearms Industry on the Move Across the Country

Posted by Orchid Advisors on 2/26/19 12:00 PM

Orchid AdvisorsAs is typical, the beginning of 2019 has seen a flurry of legislative activity.  Generally speaking, the beginning of legislative sessions see more bills introduced than later in session.  Legislative activity impacting the sale and distribution of firearms is no exception.  We have already seen hundreds of bills introduced which are directly aimed at the industry. Several have been defeated or left for dead in committee, while others have advanced beyond committee, and some have even passed one or both houses of a state legislature.  While almost any bill related to firearms can have at least some impact on the firearms industry, Orchid Advisors monitors legislation that has an immediate impact to industry members.  The below identifies some of the legislation pending around the country, grouped by status in the applicable legislature.


Bills Currently Pending in Committee

  • Connecticut SB 161 – An Act Limiting Multiple Handgun Purchases in a Thirty-Day Period
    • As its title suggests, this bill is intended to limit the quantity of handguns a consumer may purchase in any given 30 day period
  • Florida HB 455 and S 466 – Assault Weapons and Large-Capacity Magazines
    • Among other things, this bill would implement an “assault weapons” ban (identifying specific firearms and their variants, as well as creating a “1 feature” characteristic test), and a ban on “large capacity magazines” (limiting capacity to 10 rounds, with certain exceptions)
    • Among its provisions, this bill requires the serialization of all handgun ammunition manufactured or imported into the state and also requires the State Police to implement rules relating to the assessment and collection of a fee on handgun ammunition not to exceed .005 cents per round
  • Illinois HB 2331 – USE/OCC TAX-FIREARMS
    • This bill would implement a 3.75% surcharge on firearms and firearm components purchased in the state
  • New York A 5380 – Relates to the Definition of an Assault Weapon
    • A 5380 would remove a pistol grip from the list of features that classifies a semiautomatic rifle with a detachable magazine as an “assault weapon”


Bills Which Have Passed One House of the Legislature

  • New Mexico HB 8 and SB 8 – An Act…Requiring a Background Check When Conducting Sales of a Firearm
    • This pair of bills would implement universal background checks in New Mexico; each bill passed its respective legislative chamber and is under consideration in the other chamber
  • North Dakota 1308 – A Bill for an Act…Relating to the Definition of Machine Gun, Submachine Gun, or Fully Automatic Rifle
    • 1308 clarifies that binary triggers do not constitute a “machine gun,” “submachine gun,” or “fully automatic rifle” under state law


Bills That Have Passed Both Houses of the Legislature

  • South Dakota HB 1056 – Prohibit Certain Local Ordinances Regarding Firearms
    • HB 1056 implements “state preemption” which prohibits units of local government from restricting the ownership or possession of firearms


Bills That Have Died or Failed to Pass

    • This bill would have implemented a 1% surcharge on the purchase of ammunition
  • North Dakota 1326 – The Definition of Machine Gun, Submachine Gun, or Fully Automatic Rifle
    • This bill would have clarified that bump stocks are not “machine guns,” “submachine guns,” or “fully automatic rifles” under state law
  • Virginia HB 2492 – A Bill…Relating to Prohibition of Sale, Transfer, Etc., of Certain Firearms Magazines and Firearms
    • Among other things, this bill would have restricted the capacity of firearms magazines to 10 rounds
  • Virginia HB 2604 – A Bill…Relating to Purchase of Handguns; Limitation on Handgun Purchases
    • With certain limitations, this bill would have limited consumers to the purchase of a single handgun within any 30 day period  
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