How Retailers Can Advance the Shooting Sports Industry Through SCOPE

Posted by NASGW on Jun 15, 2021 10:00:00 AM

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As our world becomes more digitized, data is becoming more and more valuable to businesses – and those in the shooting sports industry are no exception. Pulling pertinent data together and organizing it in a helpful way requires data inputs, resources and technical knowledge. Many of these barriers have long held the shooting sports industry back when it comes to advancing with big data. SCOPE is here to change that. 

Back in 2018, the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers launched SCOPE DLX (Distributor Link Exchange) a distribution business management tool built on inventory and sell-through data provided by the organization’s distributor members. Fast forward to today – the SCOPE suite of tools is becoming more sophisticated and more comprehensive, with four programs that serve all partners in the two-step distribution process, from manufacturers all the way to retailers.


SCOPE CLX: Retail Market Analysis

One of the SCOPE tools with the most growth potential is CLX (Customer Link Exchange), a program created in partnership with retailers, distributors and manufacturers that helps businesses understand what’s selling and where to make better decisions. As with any data platform, the more accurate, high-quality data we have, the more useful it is. To make this product the best it can be, we need more retailers to join in the initiative and provide their sales data. There are plenty of good reasons to start participating in SCOPE, but here are a few of the best.


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Gain Insights With Sales Trends and Product Reports

When you provide your retail data to the SCOPE CLX platform, NASGW provides you with valuable, industry-wide data in return. Each month, you’ll receive a PDF report of product sales in your state. You’ll also gain regional insight, with the ability to see what products are selling by region, season, category and more. Staying on top of these trends can help inform future product purchase and assortment, helping you to make buying decisions that increase your store’s profit. 


Access An Easy-to-Use Advertising Platform

SCOPE ALX (Advertising Link Exchange) is another tool you’ll have access to that was created to make retailer’s jobs easier. It’s a simple-to-use advertising and in-store promotion tool that allows you to create advertisements without having to hunt down information and assets from manufacturers. Through SCOPE ALX, you’ll have access to a library of product photos, specs and pricing information for the products you sell. From there, you’re able to design promotions easily with a drag-and-drop function for print, digital or social media ads. Taking it one step further, the program provides you pre-built, customizable templates so you can gun tags and other in-store signage.


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Be a Part of Bettering Your Industry

NASGW is a leader in data collection and business analytics for the shooting sports industry. Our mission is to grow the industry by strengthening businesses with better information. As a non-profit industry association, NASGW built SCOPE to advance our industry – not to make money or meet our bottom line. Because of this, we make decisions about SCOPE with our members in mind, using the feedback they provide us. This helps us create data tools that are more applicable and user-friendly to our industry partners.

SCOPE is a collaborative initiative, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our industry partners. By participating and helping us build this network of industry data, you’re working with us to better the shooting sports industry overall. We can’t wait to see where SCOPE can do for our industry in the future, and we hope you’ll join us on this mission.

Click here to request access to SCOPE CLX, or set up a meeting with us to learn more about this initiative and how it can benefit you.


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