The End of the Pandemic Surge in Shooting Sports Sales

Posted by NASGW on May 3, 2022 3:38:30 PM

According to the SCOPE DLX Q1 Report, the pandemic surge of 2020 and 2021 is officially over. Shipments have slowed and inventory is building. Despite the drop off, most categories are still trending above pre-pandemic levels, an encouraging sign that the industry is still strong despite the slow down since the the peak of the surge. "Plan sales relative to 2019 performance with a 15-20% increase," mentions Tom Hopper, NASGW Senior Data Analyst, in his key takeaways found in the report. 

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The 2021 Q1 SCOPE DLX report is the first quarterly installment produced by NASGW from their SCOPE data platform. SCOPE DLX utilizes shipment and inventory data provided by NASGW Wholesalers which comprises the largest data sample from across the shooting sports industry. “With SCOPE DLX representing about 65% of all firearm sales, the Quarterly Report provides a great view of what’s happening and which signals we need to pay attention to as the market settles," said Easton Kuboushek, NASGW Director of Data Programs. "We've been compiling data for a few years and our quarterly reports will now provide the industry a regular look at the data our subscribers are consuming on a weekly basis."

Digging deeper into the SCOPE Q1 Report provides a look at shipments for firearms, ammunition, and optics on a national and regional level. Viewers can see top subcategories for each product type and each region along with calibers, shipment trends, year over year quarterly comparisons, and Tom Hopper analysis on each page of the report. "NASGW’s Q1 SCOPE Summary report is one of the best industry data sources available," said Chris DiCenso, President of Camfour, Inc. "NASGW’s SCOPE database, and specifically their latest Q1 Summary report, provides all the key data needed to benchmark our performance and guide us towards improved growth and profitability."

For businesses that are not subscribed to the SCOPE DLX platform, the Q1 Report offers invaluable insight on sales trends in the shooting sports industry. With the amount of sales that flow through the distribution channel, the data collected by NASGW wholesalers offers a very granular look at which products, product types, and calibers are selling and in which parts of the country. The SCOPE Q1 report is a can't miss for all businesses in the shooting sports industry. 

For more information or to purchase the Q1 report, visit the SCOPE website or click the link below.  

SCOPE Q1 Report

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