SCOPE CLX for Retailers



SCOPE CLX is a business analytics program for the shooting sports industry. Anonymous POS data is collected in partnership with retail stores and analyzed to help retailers, distributors and manufacturers understand consumer demand and industry trends. 

SCOPE CLX is owned and managed by the National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers (NASGW).


Retailer benefits of joining SCOPE CLX:

1)Information on the Shooting Sports Market

By sharing anonymous data with SCOPE CLX, retailers receive information on consumer demand based on hundreds of stores across the country.

  • Learn which products are most popular among consumers
  • See what products are selling by region, season, category and more
  • Use data to adjust store inventory to maximize profitability
2)Access to Advertising Software

By supporting SCOPE CLX, retailers gain access to SCOPE ALX – an easy to use advertising and in-store promotion tool, valued at approximately $300 a month.

  • Access a library of product photos and customizable templates
  • Design promotions with drag-and-drop function for print, digital or social ads
  • Easily create gun tags and other instore signage
3)Support your Industry

The mission of SCOPE CLX goes beyond supporting your business – we’re here to strengthen OUR industry with actionable information. 

  • SCOPE CLX is owned by leading industry non-profit association NASGW and supported through a marketing partnership with the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).
  • Data will be collected, managed and analyzed in partnership with all stakeholders
  • Privacy, integrity and ethical use of data are NASGW’s leading principles


How SCOPE CLX works:

1)Retailers share anonymous sales and inventory data to SCOPE CLX through their point-of-sale software provider

2)SCOPE CLX aggregates data from your store(s) with all other stores and analyzes data

3)Retailers gain access to SCOPE CLX Reports, SCOPE ALX advertising and support the industry understanding of consumer trends


Who owns the data?

NASGW believes that retailers own their data – that’s the way it should be. By agreeing to share data with SCOPE CLX, you can trust that:

  • Your data is anonymous and private: Store names and addresses are not collected or shared in SCOPE CLX
  • Your data is owned and controlled by you: Because you own your data, you may opt-out of SCOPE CLX at any time by contacting your POS provider
  • NASGW will represent the best interests of all stakeholders: SCOPE CLX is an industry initiative. We’re on a mission to collect information that benefits the entire shooting sports industry.

Our goal is to aggregate data from thousands of FFLs so that retailers, distributors and manufacturer businesses – including yours – can better understand consumer demand and product trends.